I had just finished several months of on-line charity auctions for the benefit of multiple endeavors, including NAMI.  I was at a restaurant hanging up some artwork.  The restaurant is called Conscious Eatery and for every meal purchased there, the owners/chefs prepare and hand out a meal to someone in need.  One-for-one.  I was blown away by that thinking.

The magnitude of the show I was curating with Small Drawings High Hopes was beginning to set in. Especially since I had just directly contacted the band Panic! At The Disco, (what?!) whose song High Hopes is the reasoning behind the name of my project.

Working in an environment dedicated to such philanthropy got me thinking about all the art auctions, donations, shows, events, and general awareness-raising I have attempted over the years. I thought if there was ever a time to “walk the walk” it’s now.  Obviously, the next step was to decide where to direct my efforts. In retrospect, it was a very easy decision to direct it toward mental health. As an artist, I know just how much can go on in your head.  But as a free-thinking, grandiose idea having, ferociously driven, and deeply emotional and empathetic human being I have and do often navigate my own mental landscape.  Fortunately, I have an unparalleled network of friends and family who believe in me- who would drop anything to help or simply talk something through.  Not everyone has that- so I want to support the people offering that network to others.

Kyle Krauskopf

Krauskopf Works

Co-Founder Atlantis Collective Gallery

Small Drawings / HIGH HOPES


April 10th – 16th

6 pm – 7 pm PST!

Instagram LIVE: @kylekrauskopf