iNfinitely Well Holistic Wellness

Close up photo of a black woman smiling with short curly hair.

“iNfinitely Well Holistic Wellness PLLC provides convenient, compassionate, and culturally respectful counseling and social work services in Washington State. Our clinicians use an eclectic blend of therapeutic techniques that are personalized to fit your needs.​ Our work respects your unique background and does not turn a blind eye to your experiences as a woman, man, person of color; transgendered; queer or homosexual; physically, mentally, or sexually abused; fatherless; veteran; ex-offender; victim and/or perpetrator of domestic violence, or children of offenders, addicts, divorced or mentally ill parents. Here your questions about ‘Who am I?’ and ‘Where do I belong in a society that does not reflect me?’ are met with compassionate discussions aimed at creating a safe place to heal from the wounds and compounded events of being the ‘other.’”


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March 8, 2023