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NAMI Seattle offers online interactive trainings for your staff, community group, or leadership team on a variety of mental health topics. Trainings are 1-2 hours long and facilitated by NAMI Seattle staff and board members.


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NAMI Seattle’s network of trained volunteer program leaders are available to speak to your community. Through personal stories, up-to-date information, and evidence-based strategies, these presentations are a great way to educate and engage your community around mental health, as well as building your own skills and knowledge. Free presentations include In Our Own Voice (a 90-minute program for general audiences) and Ending the Silence (a 50-minute program for middle & high schoolers or the adults in their lives).

All programs are currently available in virtual formats. In Our Own Voice has limited availability in person as well. At this time we are unable to offer Ending the Silence in person; we hope to resume in-person presentations for this program soon.

To request a presentation, please fill out and submit the program request form and one of our staff members will follow up with you.


Available Presentations

In Our Own Voice

These free 60-90 minute presentations provide a personal perspective of mental health conditions, as leaders with lived experience talk openly about what it’s like to have a mental health condition.

Ending the Silence - for Students

This 50-minute presentation for middle and high school students includes mental health warning signs, facts, how to get help for themselves or a friend.

Ending the Silence - For Teachers & Staff

This 1-hour presentation for school staff members includes information about mental health warning signs, facts and statistics, how to approach students and how to work with families.

Ending the Silence - For Families

This 1-hour presentation for caregivers of middle or high school aged youth includes mental health warning signs, facts and statistics, how to talk with your child and how to work with school staff.

What People Are Saying

Our staff has had MANY conversations after the IOOV presentation last year. I feel that they are much more vocal when advocating for patients with mental health crisis.

ER Nurse Manager

It is amazing what just one day, one talk can do. You never really know what’s going on in the brain of any particular student.


I’m really grateful and glad that you talked to us. I often feel very alone or weird because many kids my age don’t understand. But, now I’m sure they would be more supportive of me.


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We greatly appreciate requests submitted at least 4 weeks prior to your requested date(s). While we will make every effort to accommodate requests with a shorter turnaround, we may not be able to fill all requests. Please contact Katie Mahoney, our Program Manager, with any questions.

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