What an honor it is to join this incredible team and board. Thank you!

As I reflect on the closing of 2018, I am thankful for the people who crossed my path this year. They have made me better, stronger and braver. I have lobbied in Olympia for initiatives to make our communities safer. I have traveled to Florida to register and engage voters, and support initiatives that reinstate voting rights to Floridians who have done their time and paid their debts. I have spoken to small and large groups on the benefits of civic engagement. I have met people who have reignited my belief that we need strong, loving, supportive communities to thrive.

The organizational values of NAMI Seattle: kindness, community, empowerment, integrity and commitment to diversity, are values I live by every day.

My family has also been impacted by mental illness. I inherited my strength from my mother who was always an indefatigable advocate for my siblings who were living with schizophrenia.

Our friends and family members who live with mental illness need advocates too.

Advocates love and offer support

Advocates do not judge

Advocates make calls to comfort

Advocates support mental health education

Advocates support legislations to ease the ways to get services

Advocates speak on behalf of those who cannot

Advocates lobby elected officials for legislation that will eliminate (or lessen) pain and suffering for our family, friends and clients

Advocates are you, me, and many others in our community who will not remain silent.

As NAMI Seattle new Executive Director I pledge to not remain silent even when it’s uncomfortable. With my colleagues, I pledge to continue to strengthen the work of NAMI Seattle with the values that are foundational to its work: Kindness, community, empowerment, integrity and commitment to diversity.

It was great seeing so many of you at our 40th Anniversary Gala. Please call, email stop by my office; I would like to meet all of you.

Thank you!