Eleanor Turns 100 Years Old!

Artwork by Kyle Krauskopf

Who is Eleanor Owen and why do we care that she turned 100? Well for one she has turned 100 YEARS Old! That is something to celebrate in and of itself. But there is so much more to learn about Eleanor. She is living a remarkable life and is a fervent mental health advocate. Oh, and did we mention that she founded NAMI Seattle and Co-Founded NAMI?

What do tenacity, dedication, compassion, passion, ferocity, and barracuda all have in common?

Artwork by Kyle Krauskopf

They all describe Eleanor.

What the community is saying about Eleanor

Artwork by Kyle Krauskopf

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How Eleanor Owen Helped Change Washington State Mental Health Law

“I think he’s recovered primarily because he gained insight into his illness and began to recognize that he needed to be on medication and to stay on it. He went back to school, he got his own business license, now does carpentry. He works, he takes care of his own house..”

By Cherryl T. Cooley, Managing Editor, Content Marketing, at NAMI

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Learn how Eleanor took the lead and made a difference!

Eleanor Owen article starts on page 13.

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Eleanor Owen’s tireless battle for mental-health care

Seattle Times, March 12, 2011

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Champion for the mentally ill pursues mission in retirement

“At every turn, she’s demanded better treatment for those who live with mental illness. Along the way she’s run more than a few people off the road, which doesn’t seem to stop most of them from speaking highly of her.”

Champion for the mentally ill pursues mission in retirement, By Kimberly B. Marlowe, Seattle Times. Jan 20, 2002

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Eleanor Owen: A lifetime of effort to save her son

Eleanor Owen: A lifetime of effort to save her son By Daniel DeMay, Seattle PI, Dec 6, 2016

“I was flailing, a year or more of just flailing around trying to get help,” she says. “That’s when I realized … I have to do something, because there must be more parents out there like me.”

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