NAMI Virtual Mental Health Workshops

You are not alone in this crisis.

NAMI is here to support you!

The COVID crisis is hard on everyone. It can be overwhelming and hard to know how to take care of our own mental health, let alone support the mental health of our community. That’s why we are offering customized online workshops to organizations wanting to support the mental health of their community. 

What does “customized” mean?

Each organization has unique needs and ways of learning and interacting. Some may need more q&a time, some may want more of a discussion, and some may prefer a straight informational session. We will listen to your needs and design a workshop that will be the most beneficial for your group.

What will the workshops cover?

Workshops will address ways to support the mental health of yourself, your colleagues, and/or your employees during this time of isolation, job instability, and widespread upheaval. These strategies will recognize and address the diverse mental health needs of each workplace.

How long are the sessions?

30-60 minutes 

What is the cost?

We want everyone that wants the training to be able to participate. That’s why these workshops are offered on a Pay-as-you-can basis.

Where does the money go?

All donations go to support NAMI Seattle’s free community programs. 

How do I sign up?

Please select “COVID Crisis” when completing the request form and we will follow up with you to design a webinar that best meets your organization’s needs. Stay safe out there!