How NAMI Seattle Helps

At the best of times, my anxiety is like an annoying alter-ego- pestering me with unfounded worries and dread and easily combated with positive self-talk and healthy habits. At the worst of times, my anxiety is a bully- gripping my mind with irrational thoughts and fears and my body with migraines, body aches, nausea, and pain and I need help. I am fortunate to have a therapist and psychologist who help me manage my symptoms through talk therapy and medication, a strong community of friends and family, and most days I can manage with the tools I have.

NAMI Seattle is a dedicated team of amazing people that helps the people of Seattle find their own tools and navigate the sometimes-confusing journey towards support and treatment. Since 1978, the staff of NAMI Seattle has coordinated support groups, trained volunteers, stomped stigma, and presented to hundreds of people each year. With your help, NAMI Seattle is a source of education, encouragement, and hope to anyone who is struggling with their own mental health or the health of their family. Even in the uncertainty of the COVID-19 crisis and physical distancing, NAMI Seattle continues to build community and offer support by adapting programs as well as providing information and uplifting content through digital spaces.

Giving to NAMI Seattle is giving mental health tools to our community- Consider giving today!

Michele Joy Moore

President, Board of Directors