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NAMI Seattle is the only organization in the Seattle area working specifically to fill the gaps in our local mental health system through education, referrals, and support.

We envision a world where all those impacted by mental illness know they are not alone, and are empowered to live a fulfilling life.

Our peer-led presentations, classes and support groups bridge the gap when medical models fail to meet our needs. We have over 40 years of experience elevating stories of lived experience and shining a spotlight on the unique needs of people and families navigating their own mental health journey.

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NAMI Seattle programs

Support Groups

Recovery Support Group

NAMI Connection Recovery Support Group is a free, peer-led support group for any adult who has experienced symptoms of a mental health condition. Gain insight from hearing the challenges and successes of others who’ve been there. 

Family Support Group

NAMI Family Support Group is a free, peer-led support group for any adult with a loved one who has experienced symptoms of a mental health condition. Gain insight from the challenges and successes of others facing similar experiences.

Black, Indigenous and People of Color Support Group

Open to all BIPOC individuals looking for mental health support and connection. This group is a collaboration between NAMI Seattle and NAMI South King County.

NAMI Seattle programs 

Classes & Presentations

Family-to-Family / De Familia a Familia

NAMI Family-to-Family (available in Spanish as De Familia a Familia) is a free, 8-session educational program for family, partners and friends of people living with mental illness. It is a designated evidenced-based program. Research shows that the program significantly improves the coping and problem-solving abilities of the people closest to an individual living with a mental health condition.


NAMI Peer-to-Peer is a free, 8-session educational program for adults with mental illness who are looking to better understand their condition and journey toward recovery. Taught by a trained team of people who’ve been there, the program includes presentations, discussion and interactive exercises.

In Our Own Voice

NAMI In Our Own Voice presentations change attitudes, assumptions and stereotypes about people with mental health conditions. These 40- 60- or 90-minute presentations provide a personal perspective of mental illness, as presenters with lived experience talk openly about what it’s like to live with a mental health condition.

Ending the Silence

NAMI Ending the Silence is an in-school presentation designed to teach middle and high school students, parents/caregivers, and teachers about the signs and symptoms of mental illness, how to recognize the early warning signs and the importance of acknowledging those warning signs.

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Volunteers are the heart of NAMI Seattle! Directly work with those impacted by mental health conditions or help behind the scenes. Your gift of time and talent keeps our programs free and available!
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NAMI Seattle offers online interactive trainings for your staff, community group, or leadership team on a variety of mental health topics. Typical trainings are between 1-2.5 hours as either a stand-alone session or a 2-3 session series. Learn more >


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NAMI Seattle


Image of Gabi, a young adult, Black nonbinary person, with short curly black hair on top of their head, wearing glasses and a denim jacket. They are smiling and there are trees in the background.

Meet Gabi Augustamar: Community Resource Coordinator

Gabi is the Community Resource coordinator at NAMI Seattle, who grew up in Washington and went to college in Portland, Oregon.
Photo of Elliott Neyme, a white man with dark hair and beard, wearing glasses and a gray hat, smiling in front of trees with yellow leaves. Sunlight is coming through the trees in the background.

Living with Schizophrenia: An Interview with NAMI Seattle board member Elliott Neyme

Many people throughout the world live with schizophrenia, and NAMI Seattle board member Elliott Neyme is one of those people.
Image of James Donaldson, a middle-aged Black man, smiling in front of a gray backdrop. He is wearing a gray suit and red tie.

Celebrating Life: An Interview with James Donaldson, NAMI Seattle Board Member

“Around Thanksgiving, I was really having trouble sleeping through the night. I didn’t want to face things. When I’d wake up in the middle of the night, I’d have a lot of dark, scary, negative thoughts,” James Donaldson said to us as he related his journey through clinical depression.
A nurse wearing PPE puts on gloves

Trauma, Stress, and Covid-19: Mental Health of Frontline Healthcare Workers

By Leah Sheppard, BSN, RN   Content warning: // Death, illness The U.S. is entering a new phase of the COVID-19 pandemic: vaccinations are readily available, and restrictions are lifting, but cases are rapidly increasing in some areas as the Delta variant...

My Experience With Anxiety as a Child

I am a person with anxiety; almost no one around me experiences the same thing. I can tell you, it’s hard.

The Humanity in Schizophrenia

I was scared the first time I met Matthew. It was many years ago, before I knew much about mental health, and before I became a nurse.

The Intersection of the School-to-Prison Pipeline and Mental Health

Cory candidly shares his lived experience and perspective on the school-to-prison pipeline.

Meet Emma Sanyal, NAMI Seattle Board Member

By Kyle Kawahara, Nomin Ulziisaikhan, Netanel Younker, Hanson Tran and Nik Gorbs, UW Bothell School of Business “I think it’s important to know that Bipolar Disorder is physical.  It’s not a weakness and you can’t just pull yourself out of a depression. Patience...

In Solidarity with the Asian American Community

Our collective mental health is strengthened by our shared humanity.

Mental Health and Generational Trauma: A Black Therapist’s Perspective

Photo courtesy of LaVonne Dorsey We had the opportunity to interview therapist LaVonne Dorsey over Zoom. She was comfortably sitting in her home, excited to talk with us as she sipped from a red mug. We asked about her perspective on coping with Covid-19. LaVonne...

Eleanor Owen is 100!!! Image created by Artist, Kyle Krauskopf On January 22, Eleanor Owen will celebrate her 100th birthday. If you’ve been around NAMI for a while, you likely know the name. You might know of her role in starting—and then leading for more than twenty...

Mental Health Talk with Steven González, Washington State’s First Latino and Jewish Supreme Court Chief Justice

“Our New Chief Justice.” Art by Laura Umetsu. Ink on paper. In November 2020, Justice Steven González was elected by his judicial colleagues to become Washington State’s first Latino and Jewish Supreme Court Chief Justice. Local attorney and NAMI Seattle board...

Meet Penny Carothers, a NAMI Seattle board member.

Meet Penny Carothers, NAMI Seattle board member By Samuel Burley, Yeraldin Enriquez, Nathan Markley, Roewyn Umayam, and Boyue Xi, UW Bothell School of Business Penny with her husband and children. Photo credit: Lisa Page “Anyone can be struck by mental health...

A Better September: Focusing on doing good

A Better September: Focusing on doing good Written By Kim Salada, NAMI Seattle volunteer and trained facilitator. Let’s face it. We are not being inundated with good news these days. Quite the opposite, in fact. Pandemic, injustice, unrest, now fires. The...

Two Immigration Attorneys’ Perspectives on Mental Health in Immigrant Communities

Two Immigration Attorneys’ Perspectives on Mental Health in Immigrant Communities Thank you to the artists for sharing their work on Unsplash:(top left) Santi Vedri; (bottom left) Caique Silva; (top middle) Karl Fredrickson; (bottom middle) Sabrina May; (top right)...

It’s Time to Envision a New System

Words matter. So do actions. We need you for both. NAMI Seattle stands in support of Black Lives Matter Seattle/King County and Black organizers across Seattle and the U.S. who are leading a movement to dismantle anti-Black systems and policies. Too often we talk...

In Solidarity With the Black Community

Black lives matter. Black mental health matters too — but outside of the fullness of Black humanity and liberation, they’re just words. We know our amazing NAMI Seattle community understands better than most the impacts of trauma, of state-sanctioned...

NAMI’s Statement on Recent Racist Incidents

This statement was released by NAMI National’s CEO Danial H Gillison on 5/29/2020 Link to the direct post. The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) today released the following statement from CEO Daniel H. Gillison, Jr., regarding recent racist incidents...

Matching Funds Still Available!

There’s still time to support mental health in Seattle! Donations made to NAMI Seattle during GiveBIG before 12:00am are still being matched with generous pledges from members of our community. Now is the best time to maximize your gift this year. Your contribution...

Double your impact! A note from our Development Manager

First, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. The generous support of our amazing members, donors, and volunteers last year helped keep our organization strong, and that strength has carried us through these uncertain times. Your commitment to our...

How Support Groups Helped Me

Text 206 207 7765 Email My depression and anxiety manifested itself before kindergarten. It was clear something was very wrong, so my mother took me to a child psychologist. My inability to make friends and fight depression was obvious. The...

A letter to you from the Board of Directors

"At the best of times, my anxiety is like an annoying alter-ego- pestering me with unfounded worries and dread....NAMI Seattle is a dedicated team of amazing people that helps the people of Seattle find their own tools and navigate the sometimes-confusing journey towards support and treatment." - Michelle Joy Moore

Small Drawings / High Hopes – Emotions 6 & 7 of 7

by Kyle Krauskopf Elation and Kismet and The Finale great happiness and exhilaration | destiny; fate I find my greatest joys come from a job well done.  When you can sit back at the end of the day and take pride in the work you accomplished.  That being...

Small Drawings / High Hopes – Emotion 5 of 7

Love by Kyle Krauskopf Emotion 5 “Run to the rescue with love and peace will follow”  A lyric written by the late River Phoenix as delivered by his brother Joaquin, when accepting his Academy Award for best actor.  As it is one of the biggest and most challenging...

Small Drawings / High Hopes – Emotion 4 of 7

Sorrow by Kyle Krauskopf Emotion 4 A feeling of deep distress caused by loss, disappointment, or other misfortune suffered by oneself or others. Love was meant to be the emotion I dove into after persistence, but this morning I woke to a call from my pre-pandemic...

Why Nami Seattle

by Kyle Krauskopf I had just finished several months of on-line charity auctions for the benefit of multiple endeavors, including NAMI.  I was at a restaurant hanging up some artwork.  The restaurant is called Conscious Eatery and for every meal purchased...

Small Drawings / High Hopes – Emotion 3 of 7

Persistence  by Kyle Krauskopf Emotion 3 Firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition. In my previous post, I discussed frustration.  The words for that came pretty easy, likely because most of us are experiencing...

Small Drawings / High Hopes – Emotion 2 of 7

Frustration by Kyle Krauskopf Emotion 2 The feeling of being upset or annoyed, especially because of the inability to change or achieve something. Here’s something we can all connect on right now. Of all the emotions capable in human existence I may have experienced...

Small Drawings / High Hopes – Emotion 1 of 7

Artist Kyle Krauskopf speaks about the first emotion he will be exploring in his live streaming art show "Small Drawings / HIGH HOPES" - Wanderlust.

Artist Kyle Krauskopf Talks Candidly

Artist Kyle Krauskopf talks candidly about his journey with art and mental health. All my life I have felt out of place. It started with being a chubby little kid with glasses and a bowl-cut who was into superheroes and star wars- consequently being made fun of for...
Image of Day of Hope banner. White textbox with dark blue text reads: "NAMI Seattle presents.... Day of Hope." Below is an orange graphic outline of a hand holding a plant. Below that blue text reads: "Celebrating the possibility and beauty of recovery. Saturday, October 9th, 9:30am-2:15pm." In the bottom left is the NAMI Seattle logo - a blue outline of the Seattle skyline above the words NAMI Seattle. Background framing the image is streaks of blue, red, orange and yellow paint.


Join us for a virtual Day of Hope to celebrate the possibility and beauty of recovery! On October 9th, join NAMI Seattle online to celebrate that recovery is both possible and beautiful! Join us for a “Day of Hope,” a free half-day event with drop-in sessions,...

What People Are Saying

Before I took the [Family-to-Family] course, I felt alone and overwhelmed dealing with my daughter’s mental illness. By taking this course, I have met others who are going through the same things I am and have learned about many resources that I never knew existed.

Family-to-Family Course Graduate

NAMI Peer-to-Peer has allowed me to take the focus off my illness and learn to balance it with the rest of my life. By engaging in recovery I am able to be more relaxed and productive both at work and home.

Peer-to-Peer Course Attendee

I thought my wife and I knew just about everything there is to know about the system and the illness. Boy, were we wrong. Without a doubt, [Family-to-Family] is the best support course I have had the privilege of taking part in, bar none.

Family-to-Family Course Attendee

I’m really grateful and glad that you talked to us. I often feel very alone or weird because many kids my age don’t understand. But, now I’m sure they would be more supportive of me.

Ending the Silence Presentation

High School student attendee

I am more moved than I expected to be. There is help available. The key is to avail oneself of these treasures of assistance.

Day of Hope, First Episode Psychosis (FEP) Care presentation attendee

It made me feel I was not alone in coping with mental illness. It gave me hope that I could recover and that my life would not always be filled with chaos, and it gave me positive role models to inspire me to strive for recuperation and success in life.

Peer-to-Peer Course Attendee

It is so inspiring to experience the level of engagement, inquisitiveness, and genuine desire to learn about mental illness found in In Our Own Voice (IOOV) audiences. The questions and comments I get during presentations tells me my story is having a positive impact. IOOV changes the way people think about mental illness. The program has been essential to my recovery. I feel so fortunate to be able to share my story that is filled with deep shame, guilt, and unworthiness to bring understanding and compassion to the lives of others who are affected by mental illness. Indeed, being an IOOV presenter has given me a sense of purpose, self-empathy, and encouragement to continue my path of recovery. I take great pride in presenting my unique face of recovery to as many audiences as I can!

In Our Own Voice Presenter

and NAMI Seattle Board Member

It is amazing what just one day, one talk can do. You never really know what’s going on in the brain of any particular student.

Ending the Silence Presentation

High School Teacher attendee

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